Digital research

Your website is the anchor of your digital marketing program. Customer engagement, pay-per-click, social media, content syndication – it all ties back to your website and the visitor experience.

The field of digital methods for qualitative research is a rapidly developing one.As it covers topics such as:

  1. Qualitative,quantitative and mixed methods research.
  2. Data management.
  3. Social media and social network analysis.
  4. Modling and simulation.
  5. Survey methods.
  6. Visualizing social data.
  7. Ethics and e-research.
  8. The future of social research in the digital age.

Social media research seeks to analyse and understand how social media is used in business.It is an integral part of digital marketing research which is what DigitalMR is all about.The most popular use is marketing and communications,but social media research can also be use for customer care,operationalimprovements,internal and external collaboration.

In a PPC campaign:Keep an eye on your search query reports.Know your negative match types.Explore negative keyword options before your campaign goes live.

Probably already known how important keyword research is in digital marketing research.For effective keyword research ,we keep below points in mind;

Create a seed list of starting terms

Expand your list using keyword research tools

Refine list with competitive research

A digital strategy is a form of strategic management an a business answer orresponse to a digital question,often best addressed as part of an overall business strategy.It is often characterized by application of new technologies to existing business activity.

A digital strategy can be formulated and implemented through a variety of different approaches.

Formulation offer includes the process of specifying an organization’s vision,goals,opportunities and relted activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to an organization.

It can create and often includes customer intelligence,collaboration,new product/market exploration,sales and service optimization,enterprise technology architectures and processes,innovation and governance;to more marketing and customer focussed efforts such as websites,mobile,eCommerce,socialsites,and search engine optimization and advertising.

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